Trigger point injections for abdominal wall pain: Patient selection

gastroenterology practiceWe compared the outcomes in patients who met the criteria for AWP with those who did not meet the criteria. Finally, we determined whether any factors (including sex, GI symptomatology, radiation of pain, location of pain, type of injection and the presence of a scar) were predictors of response.

A retrospective chart review was performed on 110 consecutive patients who received TPI performed by a university-based gastroenterology practice group at London Health Sciences Centre at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. The patient list was generated from a list of all billed G384A (TPI) between January 1, 1995 and November 20, 2002.

AWP was defined as pain that met the following criteria: fixed in location or very localized; AND superficial or point tenderness less than 2.5 cm in diameter or positive Carnett test. A positive Carnett test was defined as tenderness that increased with abdominal muscle tensing rather than tenderness that was made no worse with abdominal muscle tensing. These criteria were previously published and verified by Srinivasan and Greenbaum as being good discriminators of AWP. Buy quality medications online: find proventil inhaler dosage every time you need treatment.

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