Trigger point injections for abdominal wall pain: Diagnostic procedures and costs

progress of the painProcedures and tests were included only if chart review disclosed that they were performed to directly evaluate the abdominal pain. Tests were excluded if they were ordered for a different reason or a different symptom. The number of initial gastroenterology consultations as well as follow-up clinic visits scheduled specifically to follow the progress of the pain was added. The number of TPI performed was also added. To estimate the costs of the investigations and physician services, the 2003 Ontario Health Benefits Guide was used. Other costs such as admissions to the hospital, facility fees, nursing fees, visits to the emergency room, visits to the family physician, and visits to other nongastroenterology specialists for evaluation of the pain were not included. You can treat your medical issue very soon: all you need is a trusted place to shop with. At this very you will always find the best choice of efficient drugs that will work or you just as expected, costing less money.

Data analysis

Discrete variables were calculated as counts and proportions and expressed as percentages. Continuous variables were measured as mean, standard deviation and median testing of discrete variables was performed. The Fisher’s exact test was used when any count was two or less to make the analysis more robust.

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