Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (7)

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (7)Benton Visual Betention Tkst. This task requires the subject to reproduce a simple geometric three-figure design following a 10 second exposure. It is sensitive to unilateral spatial neglect, spatial organization problems, attention and/or immediate memory deficits, and visuospatial constructive abilities. This test is scored by tabulating the number of errors made while drawing the figures from memory and the number of correct designs reproduced (max = 10) from memory.
Bey-Osterreith Complex Figure Tbst.33 The direct copy of this complex figure can reveal difficulties in perceptual organization, while the immediate and delayed (30 minutes) drawings assess corresponding immediate and long-term visual memory. The Rey is scored for the number of correct segments (max = 36) reproduced from the design. buy ortho tri-cyclen
Selective Reminding Tkst.u In general, this procedure assesses deficits in verbal learning and verbal memory. However, it is constructed so as to allow separate appraisals of both recall and recognition, as well as several retrieval mechanisms. The total number of words recalled without reminders represents the consistently long-term retrieval measure. Words that are recalled without a reminder are considered to have been stored. A cumulative total of these words provides the long-term storage measure.

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