Fenoterol may not have worked as a nonspecific antitussive when it attenuated fiberoptic bronchoscopy-induced cough, since asthmatic subjects may have been included in the study group. The study that showed that cromolyn sodium significantly decreased cough in symptomatic young smokers is subject to the same criticism. While beclomethasone dipropionate did not affect cough in the study on patients with chronic nonasthmatic cough, it was unknown from reading the study against what nonasthmatic cause(s) of cough the drug failed to work. While an aromatic chest rub has been shown to decrease cough counts in artificially induced cough in healthy volunteers, we are not aware of any studies that have evaluated the antitussive effects of aromatics delivered by inunction or cough drops or honey in appropriately designed studies in patients with pathologic cough. ventolin 100 mcg
Drugs that May Increase the Threshold or Latency of the Afferent Limb
Drugs whose antitussive mechanism of action may be classified in this section include the local anesthetics. Although every bronchoscopist can attest to the transient antitussive effect of topically administered lidocaine during bronchoscopy and although intravenous lidocaine has been convincingly shown to suppress the persistent almost uninterrupted cough after awakening from general anesthesia following bronchoscopy, lidocaine by either route has not been evaluated in appropriately designed clinical trials in patients with pathologic cough. When lidocaine is delivered intravenously, an additional or alternative site of action may be on the cough center.