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These results indicate that physicians in New Jersey may not be aware of the recommendations or of the level of drug resistance in their communities. Therefore, an effort should be made to inform physicians about the importance of initiating four-dmg regimens to treat TB patients and about the high level of drug resistance in the […]

Adequacy of the Initial Drug Regimens for the Treatment of Drug-Resistant TR In 1994 and 1995, 207 of the 1,230 patients (16.8%) had isolates resistant to at least one of the antituberculosis drugs. Among the 207 patients, 131 had isolates resistant to one drug only, 37 had resistance to at least isoniazid and rifampin (MDRTB), […]

Recurrent TB patients were more likely to be treated with four or more drugs initially than new patients. This is consistent with a high proportion of drug resistance in recurrent TB cases. Yet, 22% of the recurrent TB patients were not treated with four or more drugs initially. In this study, excessive alcohol use and […]

Relationship Between Isoniazid Resistance and Initial Drug Regimens Among the 21 counties in New Jersey, 17 had a percentage of isoniazid resistance of 4% or more; these counties contributed 98% of all TB cases reported in the state. The remaining four counties had a total of 17 cases tested for drug susceptibility during 1994 and […]

The correlation coefficient between the proportion of isoniazid-resistant patients and the proportion of patients who were given fewer than four drugs initially at a county level was computed using Spearman’s rank-order method. Logistic regression was performed to calculate odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for patients who were initially treated with fewer than […]

Tuberculosis Surveillance Data All persons diagnosed with TB in New Jersey are required to be reported to the Tuberculosis Control Program of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. Program staff members verify cases according to CDC surveillance criteria. In response to the increase in TB morbidity and outbreaks of MDRTB in the […]

Evaluation of Physician Prescribing Practices in New Jersey, 1994 to 1995 Drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been documented for decades. The emergence of increased multidrug-resistant TB (MDRTB), however, has been observed only in recent years. Worldwide spread of MDRTB has raised a great challenge in the control and prevention of the disease. Adequate treatment […]

Sensitivity and Specificity of Mediastinoscopy Our assumption of 100% sensitivity and specificity of mediastinoscopy favors the procedure. Mikhail et al reported a sensitivity of 88% for mediastinoscopy in patients with BHL in whom a diagnosis of sarcoidosis was thought likely. Lack of specificity is encountered in that small percentage of patients with systemic noncaseating granuloma […]

Estimate Precision We have been unable to find a case report of an AD presenting as ABHL, and compendia of the clinical and radiographic features of TB and lymphoma contain no examples. Estimates of the proportion of ADs that present as ABHLs were derived in each instance by assuming a value high in the range […]

Forty-three of the 65 (66%) surveyed pulmonologists responded. Of these, 30 (70%) favored observation over invasive procedures; of those favoring an invasive procedure, 6 recommended transbronchial lung biopsy, and 2, mediastinoscopy. The remaining five respondents favored an invasive procedure or observation depending on particulars. Thus, about one third of respondents advocated an invasive procedure under […]