Histological assessment

Submitted bowel was fixed in 10% formalin, processed, paraffin embedded, sectioned and stained with hemotoxylin and eosin. Some sections were stained with Masson’s trichrome when superficial basement membranes of mucosa appeared thickened.

Immunohistochemistry assessment

Serial 4 ^m tissue sections were mounted on positively charged slides. The Ventana Iview Detection System (Ventana Medical Systems Inc, United States) employing biotinylated Ig anti-mouse and anti-rabbit as a secondary link, streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase as a third stage, and diaminobenzedine (Sigma, United States) as the chromogen was used. Slides were processed at 37°C for 16 min to 32 min on the Iview system, washed in rinsed water, counterstained with Gill’s hematoxylin and then cover-slipped.

Individual tests included: CD2 (Novo Castra, Vector Laboratory, Healthcare Canada) of dilution 1:200, CD3 (Dako, Canada) 1:300, CD4 (Novo Castra, Vector Laboratory, Canada) 1:50, CD5 (Neomarker, Medicorp, Canada) 1:40, CD7 (Novo Castra, Vector Laboratory, Canada) 1:100, CD8 (Dako, Canada) 1:100, CD10 (RDI, United States) 1:100, CD15 (Ventana, United States), CD20 (Dako, Canada) 1:500, CD30 (Ventana, United States), CD43 (Novo Castra, Vector Laboratory, Canada) 1:100, Alk 1 (Dako, Canada) 1:500, bcl-2 (Ventana, United States), granzyme B (Citric) 1:25 and epithelial membrane antigen (Dako, Canada) 1:200. Ventana antibodies were prediluted by the manufacturer. Tests were run in parallel with positive control sections. You will always find ventolin 100 mcg, shopping online with pleasure every time.