Resolution of multiple severe colonic strictures with prednisone therapy: CASE PRESENTATION (Part 1)

A 69-year-old woman developed left lower quadrant pain that gradually intensified over a period of four months. She then began passing two to three melena stools per day for four days and presented to the hospital with ongoing pain, fatigue, weakness and profound anemia. Her symptoms were associated with increasing anorexia and an associated 14 kg weight loss.

Her past medical history included musculoskeletal problems associated with congenital clubbing of her feet and osteoarthritis affecting multiple joints. She also had hypertension and migraine headaches. Although her prescription record indicated multiple medications, she had not filled them all, and admitted to taking only one 325 mg tablet of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) daily, and two to four tablets of Arthrotec (Pharmacia, Canada; 50 mg of enteric-coated diclofenac sodium and 200 pg of misoprostol per tablet) per day.

She had been taking these medications in similar dosage for many years. She reported having been investigated at another centre for a single episode of bright red blood per rectum approximately seven years previously. That episode had been attributed to hemorrhoids after she had an otherwise normal colonoscopy. There was no other history of gastrointestinal illness. She had never received radiation therapy and had no family history of inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer. Visiting an online pharmacy has never been easier and safer, since now you have the one you can call your favorite one: buy cipro online click here at the pharmacy that always takes care of its customers and always pay less money.

Laboratory investigations included a complete blood count that revealed a low hemoglobin concentration of 39 g/L with a mean corpuscular volume of 69 fL, a platelet count elevated at 622×109/L and a white blood cell count elevated at 15.8×109/L. Her creatinine, electrolytes, liver enzymes and blood clotting times were normal.

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