Pulmonary Vascular Hemodynamics in Chronic Lung Disease Patients: Materials and Methods

Forty-nine male veterans with chronic lung disease were recruited from the Houston Veterans Administration Medical Center chest medicine clinics to participate in this study. None had clinical evidence of chronic cor pulmonale. None showed substantial left ventricular dysfunction by gated equilibrium radionuclide ejection fraction (<45 percent = dysfunction). Chronic lung disease was defined by a history of cough, exertional dyspnea, or wheezing, spirometry consistent with irreversible expiratory airflow obstruction (FEVj<80 percent predicted, FEV/FVC <0.70), or a chest roentgenogram and body plethysmography measurements compatible with COPD or restrictive lung disease.

All subjects selected had an average daytime resting Pa0*^60 mm Hg over three to six months preceding study. Daytime Pa02values were taken as the average of three blood gas determinations with the patient seated or semirecumbent (45°). None had symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome nor were accepted for study if they had more than five, 10-second apneas/hour of sleep on their initial polysomnogram. http://buy-asthma-inhalers-online.com/advair-diskus-inhaler-fluticasone-salmeterol.html
All subjects slept at least one night in our laboratory. Electroen-cephalographic (EEG; C3-A2 and C4-A1), bitemporal electroculo-graphic, submental electromyographic, and electrocardiographic leads were placed according to standard technique. Nasal/oral airflow was detected by thermistor or end tidal C02 analyzer attached to a loose fitting face mask. Thoracic and abdominal pneumobelts connected to pressure transducers detected changes in chest and abdominal wall circumference. The Sa02 level was continuously monitored by ear oximetry. All parameters were recorded simultaneously on polygraphic recorders. Sleep stages and SaOa were scored by a trained technician using standard criteria.

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Tags: chronic lung disease, Pulmonary function, pulmonary vascular hemodynamics