Identifying contraindications to resection in patients with pancreatic carcinoma: DISTINGUISHING INFLAMMATORY Part 1

Pancreatic carcinomaNeoplastic pancreatic mass lesions can usually be diagnosed easily by presenting symptoms, signs and imaging studies. More difficult challenges are posed by mass lesions that occur in the setting of chronic pancreatitis or when the initial presentation of the mass lesion is associated with an episode of pancreatitis. Ancillary testing may help determine the malignant potential of the mass lesion in these situations. Cheapest treatment – buy birth control online to always have a wide choice of options.

Assessment of tumour markers may be helpful. CA 19-9 was found to have the greatest sensitivity (70%) and specificity (87%) for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer when a cutoff value of 70 U/mL was used. Substantial elevations in CA 19-9 can also be seen, however, with acute cholangitis secondary to gallstones or to malignant biliary obstruction. Although elevations of CA 19-9 strongly support the diagnosis of an adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, consideration of adjuvant therapy should be based on a tissue diagnosis.

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