Home Nebulized Therapy for Patients with COPD: Measurement of Quality of Life

 Home Nebulized Therapy for Patients with COPD: Measurement of Quality of LifeMeasurement of Quality of Life
The SGRQ is a 76-item self-completed questionnaire for measuring health in chronic airflow limitation. A total score is obtained along with scores for three subscales: symptomology (including questions on levels of coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, and sputum production); activity (questions about activities which either bring about or are limited by breathlessness); and impact (questions about aspects of daily life, for example, employment, stigma). Each item of the questionnaire is weighted and scores for each subscale, as well as the total score, range from 0 to 100 with 0 indicating no quality of life impairment. The original questionnaire asks questions relating to the previous year of the patient’s life; this was adapted so that it referred only to the previous 4 weeks.
Statistical Analysis
The x2 test was used to compare demographic data of “compliant” and “poorly compliant” patients. Correlation between percent compliance and quality of life measures were analyzed using Pearson’s correlation. Values are reported as mean ± SD, unless otherwise noted. cialis professional

Ethical Approval
To get as accurate a picture of compliance as possible, patients were not told that their compliance was being monitored but were told that they were trying out a new, faster type of compressor. Approval was granted by the local Ethics Committee and all patients completed written consent forms.

Eleven patients withdrew from the study: 7 female and 4 male. The mean age of this group was 64.4 years (±7.5). Four patients experienced worsening symptoms and felt safer using their own machine, four found the nebulizer hard to use, and the remaining three patients dropped out due to a hospital admission, diagnosis of lung cancer, and a nebulizer recording malfunction.
Patient Details
Eighty-two patients (88%) completed the study. Forty-four (54%) were male and 38 (46%) were female. The mean age of the group was 64.9 years (±7.65). Duration of illness ranged from 1 to 66 years, with a mean of 15.9 years (±15.09). The mean FEV1 for this group at the start of the study was 0.87 L (range, 0.45 to 1.85 L) and the mean FVC was 1.99 L (range, 1.15 to 3.45 L). Most patients (56%) had been prescribed use of the nebulizer four times a day, 13% three times a day, 17% twice a day, and 1% once a day. Twelve percent of patients were using the nebulizer more than four times a day.

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