Effect of Antiallergic Agents and Bronchial Hypersensitivity in Short-term Bronchial Asthma (9)It has become apparent that airway inflammation plays an important role in the pathophysiology of bronchial asthma, and chemical mediators have been shown to contribute to airway inflammation. Cartier et al demonstrated that the allergen-induced late phase response appeared to be associated with mediator release and inflammation, and that the greater the severity of the late phase response, the greater the magnitude and duration of the bronchial hypersensitivity. Antiallergic agents are known to have properties that stabilize the membrane of the mast cells, resulting in the inhibition of the release of chemical mediators such as histamine, leukotrienes (LT) etc, and to have anti-LTC4, LTD4 activities.’ Therefore, a higher rate of improvement in the short-term cases might be due to the fact that airway inflammation induced by chemical mediators might subside more easily by the use of antiallergic agents. Concerning other mechanisms such as cholinergic or ‚Äúnonadrenergic and noncholinergic‚ÄĚ systems, further study will be required. Cheap Diskus Advair
These preliminary results suggest that antiallergic agents might be best used for asthma patients with short-term disease duration, namely: early treatment of bronchial hypersensitivity state with antiallergic agents could be overall much more effective than delayed therapy. Larger population of subjects and longer observation periods should provide information about the optimal utilization of antiallergic agents in bronchial asthma.