We have demonstrated in this study that antiallergic agents are effective in reducing the bronchial hypersensitivity to histamine in asthma patients with short-term disease duration. No significant improvement in bronchial hypersensitivity to histamine inhalation was observed in any of the patients who had not been treated with antiallergic agents (0/4 in the short-term cases, 0/9 in the longterm cases). We are not aware of any other studies assessing the effects of antiallergic agents on bronchial hypersensitivity separately in short-term or long-term cases. If their effects on bronchial hypersensitivity were analyzed in the short-term group, the similar positive result as ours could be drawn in studies which were reported negatively. Buy Advair Diskus Online
The reasons why nonspecific bronchial hypersensitivity should be decreased by treatment with antiallergic agents are unclear at the present time. Reques et al reported that ketotifen, a basic type, did modify nonspecific bronchial hypersensitivity to histamine mainly through its powerful antihistamine action. We excluded the basic type of antiallergic agents from the present study; therefore, the observed improvement in bronchial hypersensitivity did not seem to be due to the antihistamine action of employed agents.