There are different types of birth control pills available in the market. So if you are one among the 12 million U.S. women who consider taking a birth control pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy, then this is an article that you should be reading right now.

Types of Canadian Health&Care Mall Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are available in two types. One is termed as – Combination Pills and the other, Progestin-only Pills.

Most birth control pills that are available in the market come in a 21-day or 28-day pack. They are often classified based on the composition type and the amount of progestin and estrogen that are used to make each tablet. Here is what you needed to know about the various Canadian Health&Care mall birth control pills and how they are different from each other:

Combination Pills

  • Combination pills contain both progestin and estrogen hormones. Most of the birth control pills that you get in the market are actually combination pills. They are equally effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy. However, make sure that you take them correctly and as prescribed by the doctor.
  • All combination pills raise the risk of stroke, blood clots and heart attacks that could end up being fatal. The risk of blood clotting may be more prevalent among women who share a family history of heart disease or obesity. However, it is a rare occurrence and only two to four out of every 10,000 women are said to be prone to blood clotting.
  • That is why, women suffering from a recorded history of heart attacks, blood clotting and strokes are many advised by doctors not to take combination pills.

Birth control pills

Progestin Pills

  • The Progestin Pills on the other hand, are used by women who are already nursing mothers and those who bear the risk of blood clotting and other ailments that prevent them from estrogen intake.
  • However, Progestin Pills need to be taken routinely in order to be effective. Even being as little as three hours late could lead to ovulation.
  • Progestin Pills work best for nursing mothers. This is because, nursing mothers are said to have lower fertility. The mini pills help to add a layer of security against pregnancy.

Combination Canadian Health&Care Mall Birth Control Pills Have Different Phases

  • The One-phase or Monophasic Pills All the active pills contain the same concentration of progestin and estrogen. If you forget to take a pill at a particular time of the day, then you can follow it up by taking the pill as soon as you remember. You can again take another pill at the next scheduled time.
  • The Two-phase or Biphasic Pills The biphasic pills come with a change in the level of progestin and estrogen hormones during the menstrual cycle.
  • The Three-phase or Triphasic Pills The active pills contain different doses of hormone levels. The levels are seen to change every 7 days during the first 3 weeks of the intake of pills.
  • The Four –phase or Quadraphasic Pills In the Quadraphasic pills, the hormone levels are seen to change four times every cycle.