Diagnostic, Morphologic, and Histopathologic Correlates in Bronchogenic Carcinoma: Discussion (2)Should they have studied patients with compressive bronchial lesions, results would have certainly been inferior. The message from our study is therefore that the yield of a particular technique must be evaluated in the light of the endobronchial morphology. buy cipro
Although probably each bronchoscopist, using his own experience, can associate particular endobronchial findings to the diagnostic technique which has the best potential for success, we are unaware of the existence of any previous study specifically directed to quantify this association. In his classic treatise on flexible bronchoscopy, Ikeda gave some insight into the relationship existing between bronchoscopic findings, bronchial location, and histopathologic classification, but not between endoscopic morphology and diagnostic efficiency. Our study is retrospective and has at least one important limitation. We did not perform all three diagnostic procedures concerned on each patient, but, instead, brush biopsies were done when forceps biopsies were judged unfeasible. Sporadically, also the same forceps biopsies and bronchial washings were not obtained. This prevented us from comparing directly, making reference to each morphologic category, the yield of the three techniques.