The content of the questionnaire was reviewed and approved by the University of British Columbia Behavioural Research Ethics Board. Overall, the questions were designed to determine the respondent’s HBV knowledge base, taking care to avoid asking about personal information or sensitive issues. The questionnaire comprised two categories. The first category requested background information and the second category consisted of HBV-related questions. The questions are listed in Table 1. The written questionnaires were offered in either English or Chinese.

Both descriptive and analytic statistical analyses were performed. For bivariate analysis, a %2 test or Fisher’s exact test, if necessary, was used to determine associations between demographic and knowledge variables. Variables that were found to have a twotailed P<0.05 were included in the multivariate analysis. Multivariate analysis was performed with multiple logistic regression to determine significant independent variables for predicting HBV knowledge. The ORs of the predicting variables were also estimated using the logistic regression. The alpha level of significance for the multivariate analysis was set at 0.05 for a two-tailed test (ie, P<0.05). Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS for Windows, version 11.0.1 (SPSS Inc, USA). You can shop with a reliable pharmacy – buy asthma inhalers to pay less for high quality.

TABLE 1 Hepatitis B knowledge questions and per cent correct responses

Correct response
Question (correct response) n (%)
1. In my opinion, hepatitis B is preventable (True) 786 (79.2)
2. In my opinion, hepatitis B affects adults (True) 721 (72.6)
3. In my opinion, hepatitis B is more common in 662 (66.7)
China and Asia versus North America (True)
4. In my opinion, small children can have hepatitis B (True) 637 (64.1)
5. Avaccine that can prevent hepatitis B exists (True) 648 (65.3)
6. In my opinion, in most cases, hepatitis B is only a 608 (61.2)
temporary infection (like the flu) (False)
7. In my opinion, hepatitis B is a cause of cirrhosis (Yes) 393 (39.6)
8. In my opinion, hepatitis B is a cause of 389 (39.2)
liver cancer (True)