Although universal infant vaccination for HBV has been implemented since 1992 in BC and at varying times in Asia, there still remains a significant adolescent and adult population at risk for HBV. There may be a need for education and prevention programs in this high-risk population. HBV awareness among Asian immigrants from endemic regions has not been fully assessed in North America. The present study aims to determine the level of concern and awareness for HBV and the demographics associated with the level of HBV knowledge among the local Chinese-Asian population.

The University of British Columbia Behavioural Research Ethics Board approved the study. Permission to conduct a survey was also obtained from the management companies of the survey locations.

Participants were unselected patrons from two large Asian shopping centres in Richmond, BC. Richmond is situated immediately adjacent to Burnaby and Vancouver. These cities have the highest proportion of visible minorities among Canadian cities, at 59%, 49% and 37%, respectively . In 2001, 43% of the Richmond population of 164,000 people was from China, East Asia and Southeast Asia . The participating sites, Yaohan Center and Parker Place, are commercial shopping centres that are well-recognized to be very popular with the resident Chinese and Asian community. If you have a medical condition that requires serious treatment for less money, you will appreciate this affordable cialis professional online that offers only best quality medications with fast guaranteed delivery.