chronic HBVWhen one considers that Asian immigrants have been shown to constitute the largest pool of chronic HBV carriers in parts of North America with low baseline endemicity , and that the Chinese and Southeast Asian proportion in BC is the highest in Canada, it is clear that there is a need to increase the level of awareness of HBV within this community. Young adults are at the highest risk for transmission and longterm sequelae of chronic HBV infection. Our study showed that the main sources of health information in the Vancouver-Richmond Asian community are the media and family physician’s office. We suggest that a multifaceted approach including schools, universities, community health services, public health departments and the Chinese-Asian media may be needed to successfully increase the level of awareness of HBV. We note that one of the secondary objectives of the present survey was to create an educational experience for the survey respondents. To this end, all respondents received brochures on HBV and an information letter which contained the correct survey answers with explanations. You deserve the finest quality treatment there is, which is why this advantageous cialis professional 20 mg is the kind of thing you will appreciate, being offered best quality medications costing a fair amount of money.