Because our study included both sexes, was less intrusive and more anonymous (ie, a simple written survey as opposed to a long ‘face-to-face’ interview), we have a greater confidence that it may be more representative of the at-risk adult Chinese-Asian community of Vancouver-Richmond and can probably be generalized to the Canadian Chinese-Asian community as a whole.  In terms of community awareness of HBV in the United States, there have been recent studies published of Chinese-American women , Cambodian-American women and Vietnamese-American immigrants . These studies, all of which were conducted in Seattle, Washington by the same investigators, are considerably smaller than our own but report a similar lack of awareness of HBV with regards to cancer risk – awareness of hepatoma risk was between 50% to 60%. Although there are differences between the and American health care environments, the close geographic proximity of Seattle to Vancouver, and the assumption that the Chinese-Asian communities of the two cities are similar and draw from the same immigrant pool, would suggest that the level of awareness of HBV in certain subpopulations in Asia may be suboptimal. Take advantage of this opportunity – buy flovent inhaler to enjoy lowest prices online.