Complementary and alternative medicine use by patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Part 5)


For example, compared with a clinic-based sample, our sample included a broader range of patients, including patients with less severe disease and those with ulcerative colitis who had undergone surgery. Compared with the population-based sample, our sample was older and better educated, and included greater proportions of females and patients with Crohn’s disease. When it is not possible to study a truly representative sample, sampling from different segments of that population can provide useful insights into the population as a whole.

In our other paper, we also discuss why we believe that the risk of inclusion of non-IBD patients in the sample was small, because of the medical, surgical and medication history that respondents provided when completing the questionnaire.

Deciding what therapies to include as CAM can also be difficult. Some therapies, such as homeopathy and chiropractic, are clearly within the realm of CAM. But what about acidophilus, fish oil, pancreatic enzymes and various diets? Probiotics are the focus of intense research activity and could, in the future, become part of the standard treatment of IBD. But does that mean that any of the currently available products containing acidophilus or other purported beneficial bacteria will no longer fall under the rubric of CAM or that they should not be considered CAM today? You can be sure your pharmacy offers viagra professional canadian pharmacy delivering fast internationally.

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