Complementary and alternative medicine use by patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Part 4)

Finally, patients and primary care doctors frequently ask gastroenterologists about the efficacy and safety of many CAMs (particularly those that are ingested) in IBD. The Hilsden study and others like it remind the research community that, while novel biological agents are being studied in clinical trials, a large variety of widely available alternative interventions warrant assessment. In the absence of critical assessment, gastroenterologists could simply be supportive, cautious and open-minded. And with this positive interaction might come a therapeutic benefit as well.

Dr Bernstein provides an insightful commentary on our study of Canadian IBD patients’ use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) . He describes the two main difficulties with studies of CAM: defining the study population and defining what is CAM. We agree that our sample may not be representative of the entire Canadian IBD population. However, it is a dramatically different and larger sample than those that have been studied before. For those who are interested, we have published a companion article from this study that discusses how our sample differs from our previous clinic-based sample and from a Canadian population-based sample (Dr Bernstein’s University of Manitoba IBD Database). Shop with best online pharmacy and find generic viagra professional online getting the most out of it.

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