Pulmonary Fibrosis

In general, the results of this study strongly suggest that neither colchicine nor D-penicillamine contributed to a better clinical response compared with prednisone alone. This finding could be at least partially explained by the advanced stage of the disease in most of our patients at the initial evaluation (average of FVC<50%; average of Pa02<50 mm […]

Colchicine has been successfully used in the treatment of human liver fibrosis and importantly, it mediates its effect at doses that are tolerated in vivo. The drug binds microtubular proteins interrupting cellular mitosis, and thus inhibits collagen biosynthesis. Canadian health&care mall more Additionally, it stimulates collagenase activity and inhibits the release of some fibroblast growth and chemotactic […]

IPF represents a prototype of an aggressive and usually progressive interstitial lung disease that continues being a therapeutic problem for the clinician. Corticosteroids are currently the recommended pharmacologic therapy, mainly with the rationale of stabilizing or preventing disease progression by suppression of the chronic inflammation. However, their long-term benefits are questionable. Thus, although a number […]

In addition, when initial and 2-year follow-up lung function tests were examined only in survivors, significant differences were not found (not shown). Thirteen of the 56 patients included in the study died during the first 2 years, and 29 were dead at 5 years of follow-up. The survival curves of the four groups are presented […]

Patients were recruited prospectively during 8 years and followed up during at least 5 years. Treatments were concurrent and the physicians responsible for follow-up were the same. Patients were evaluated 1 month after starting treatment, then at 3 months, and subsequently at 3-month intervals for 2 years and 6-month intervals thereafter unless more often was […]

Semiquantitative Histologic Assessment The percentage of fibrosis and inflammation in lung samples was analyzed as described elsewhere. Briefly, the assessment was done on the slide scanned completely in zigzag fashion, first at X32 and then at X125 magnification. In all cases, four slides, two of them stained with Masson’s trichrome and two with hematoxylin-eosin, were […]

In 1983, we initiated a prospective clinical trial to compare the effect of combined colchicine/prednisone, D-penicillamine/prednisone, and D-penicil-lamine/colchicine/prednisone with prednisone alone in the treatment of IPF. The question of whether the combinations of steroids with colchicine or D-peni-cillamine offer additional beneficial effects when compared with prednisone alone was the subject of the present research. Materials […]

A Controlled Clinical Trial Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic diffuse interstitial and intra-alveolar fibrosing inflammatory disease of unknown etiology that continues to represent an important therapeutic problem. Although the clinical course is variable, the disease is usually progressive and it is considered a highly lethal lung disease. Histopathologic findings include an inflammatory and a […]