Thennoactinomyces vulgaris, extract from wood dust, and concentrated water in the air conditioner, which was set in the mushroom cultivating room by counter immunoelectrophoresis. (Fig 1 and Table 1) In the macrophage migration inhibition test by Harringtons agarose method using lymphocytes from patients peripheral blood and guinea pigs peritoneal macrophages, macrophage migration added with mushroom […]

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis has been described in recent years as an occupational hazard of mushroom workers. Thermophilic fungi were thought to be responsible for hypersensitivity pneumonitis among mushroom workers. In this article, we demonstrate a hypersensitivity pneumonitis possibly due to the inhalation of the spores of the mushroom named Pholiota nameko. Mushroom Cultivation Methods The edible […]