As one of our senior gastroenterologists and highly respected clinicians and educators said to me recently in confidence with regards to physician’s interactions with the pharmaceutical industry: “we all prostitute ourselves sometimes, we all skate on pretty thin ice”. Is it not time for us to be like Caesar’s wife, to be purer than pure, […]

The Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, of which I am a proud co-founder 15 years ago, needs to continue to have a strong disclosure policy for possible conflicts of interest by both authors and reviewers. It is perhaps the time for the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology to endorse the standards of the International Committee of Medical […]

A number of thoughtful recent papers remind all of us of the potential hazards of participating in clinical trials sponsored by industry . Perhaps, as suggested by Rakatansky and other authors , the time has come “…to create a uniform standard which might be adapted by different institutions.” The time has come when we need […]

The CAG has also recently adopted a policy regarding interactions with the pharmaceutical industry, published in the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. But perhaps there is a need to go even further, since the need for a strong and clear position on conflicts of interest is necessary, since the ethical issues are important for both patients […]

Our own annual meeting of the CAG is very heavily subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry. Are we prepared to have less sponsorship, and more financial independence, but at the cost of self-supporting registration fees? How many provincial GI societies need to reflect on their dependence upon industry? Consider the colleague who was abruptly removed from […]

Please stop to ponder. As noted by Rakatansky in a recent thoughtful paper in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics , there are multiple pressures placed on all of us, the marketing efforts of the pharmaceutical industry do work , and we are much less immune than we may choose to believe. We all have the potential […]

Recently the physicians’ time honoured position has been bombarded, so often by subconscious pressures of subliminal messages, by marketing forces placed on each and every one of us by the pharmaceutical and equipment industries. In our own specialty of gastroenterology, this is apparent in the “PPI Wars”, the high stakes marketing of high volume, high […]

As well, many gastroenterologists in institutional or private practice will be engaged in clinical research studies, often sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. This relationship may be mutually beneficial, and it is of course the research by industry that brings to market the many therapeutic choices available to us to benefit our patients. Industry has been […]

A conflict of interest occurs in a situation in which professional judgment regarding a primary interest, such as research, education or patient care, may be unduly influenced by a secondary interest, such as financial gain or personal prestige. Conflicts of interest exist in every walk of life, including medicine and science. There is nothing inherently […]