Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Forty-seven consecutive patients with inoperable primary bronchogenic carcinoma underwent palliative YPR over a period of 36 months for exophytic obstructive symptomatic endobronchial lesions. The primary goal of therapy was palliation, and YPR was successful in the immediate relief of obstructive symptoms in all patients. We have shown a statistically significant increase in survival in the […]

The 58 patients in the control group (42 males, 16 females; squamous cell = 33, large cell = 17, adenocarcinoma = 8) received a median dose of 5,000 rads. All patients in this group were dead at time of last follow-up. Even though the median survival with combined modalities (XRT + YPR) appears to be […]

Between September 1983 and September 1986, 47 patients (29 men, 18 women; squamous = 28, large cell = 10, adenocarcinoma =7, small cell = 2) with inoperable symptomatic primary bronchogenic carcinoma underwent palliative YPR for major airway obstruction at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. A mean dose of 8,385 joules of energy was delivered (median dose, […]

Survival rates by cell type and by metastatic disease status were similarly analyzed for patients in the control group All 58 patients in this group had either bronchoscopically proved exophytic obstructive disease or had x-ray evidence of postobstructive pneumonitis, lobar collapse, or complete collapse of the lung. All 58 patients had died in this group […]

Palliative YPR was performed on symptomatic patients with unresectable exophytic primary bronchogenic carcinoma involving the trachea or major airways. In all cases, these lesions were symptomatic, producing hemoptysis, dyspnea, asphyxiation, postobstructive pneumonitis, or collapse of one or more lobes of the lung (or the entire lung) at time of referral for YPR. These indications were […]

Ninety percent of the patients who develop primary bronchogenic carcinoma die of their primary disease. Only 25 percent of cases are surgically resectable at the time of diagnosis, the median five-year survival in this group being approximately 60 percent. The median five-year survival in inoperable patients treated with irradiation is approximately 5 to 10 percent. […]