Bone Marrow Transplantation

The results of the present study differ somewhat from those that have been reported previously. Spring-meyer et al prospectively evaluated pulmonary function in a large group of marrow transplant patients returning at yearly intervals and noted the development of mild restrictive ventilatory changes. Pulmonary function changes within the population as a whole were examined but […]

It is of note that our patient population was not selected on the basis of respiratory symptomatology. Clinical evaluation on the day of follow-up pulmonary function testing did not reveal significant signs or symptoms of respiratory disease in this population. Our data indicate that CGVHD is associated with the development of progressive airflow obstruction which […]

Also unlikely is a synergistic action of prior busulfan exposure with cyclophosphamide and TBI given at the time of transplant. Only six of 14 patients with CML received busulfan and cyclophosphamide as a preparative regimen. Radiation sensitization by busulfan and synergy between busulfan and other alkylating agents have been described in anecdotal reports only. Why […]

Effect of GVHD There was no effect of AGVHD on changes in pulmonary function. In contrast, CGVHD was associated with a mean loss of 4.45 percent predicted FEVx per year. Patients without CGVHD had a mean gain of 4.3 percent predicted FEVX per year (p = 0.02) (Table 5). There was no significant difference in […]

Overall Changes in Pulmonary Function Baseline pulmonary function studies for the entire group are shown in Table 2. These results are most notable for the excellent pulmonary function in the patient population prior to transplantation. Mean percent predicted FEVi was 91.6 percent with a mean percent predicted FVC of 94.9 percent. When corrected for hemoglobin, […]

Demographic and Clinical Features The group consisted of 34 patients on whom serial pulmonary function testing was available. Five patients did not have technically adequate Dsb determinations at either baseline or follow up and were not included in the data analysis for this variable. Characteristics of the transplant recipients who were followed up elsewhere and […]

Transplantation Procedures Patients with hematologic malignancies were generally treated with a preparative regimen of busulfan plus cyclophosphamide or cyclophosphamide plus TBI as previously described. Both busulfan (16 mg/kg) and cyclophosphamide (200 mg/kg) were given in divided doses during four days; TBI was given at 5 to 7.5 rads/min from a cobalt 60 source. All patients […]

Bone marrow transplantation offers patients with a variety of malignant and nonmalignant diseases the chance for potentially curative therapy. Long-term disease-free survival rates of 50 to 60 percent or better can now be achieved routinely in patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in first remission as well as in patients with CML in the chronic or […]