CAG: gastroenterologist’s professional judgment (Part 9)

As one of our senior gastroenterologists and highly respected clinicians and educators said to me recently in confidence with regards to physician’s interactions with the pharmaceutical industry: “we all prostitute ourselves sometimes, we all skate on pretty thin ice”. Is it not time for us to be like Caesar’s wife, to be purer than pure, to re-examine how we are pressured by industry, how our opinions are being influenced, how we – and our professional organizations – are at risk of being unduly influenced? Is it not time for us to regain our independence, our honour, our peace of mind? Who will be the first to step back?

This is an important time in the history of our subspecialty, our profession, and perhaps even in the life of our own history. I ask for reflection, thoughtful discussion, for honesty and transparency. I ask that we pause to listen to our own conscience. I ask that we listen to the words of Ratatansky :

“It is the responsibility of doctors, individually and collectively, to utilize these products [of industry] in the best interests of patients….Individual physicians and organizations should be knowledgeable about pertinent guidelines, evaluate them carefully and, in the absence of a cogent, publicly disclosed reason not to do so, endorse and follow them.” If you are looking for best deals on medications you need and would like to purchase cephalexin antibiotic click now right now, you have got to visit the best pharmacy on the internet offering the full range of services.

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