A number of thoughtful recent papers remind all of us of the potential hazards of participating in clinical trials sponsored by industry . Perhaps, as suggested by Rakatansky and other authors , the time has come “…to create a uniform standard which might be adapted by different institutions.” The time has come when we need to remind ourselves that payment to the physician for arranging for our patient to participate in a clinical trial needs to be for the work done, not just a ‘finder’s fee’ for referral of the patient into the study. 

Those remaining in academic medicine continue to function under the umbrella of ‘publish or perish’, and must constantly reflect on the need to ensure that we have the freedom to publish the results of clinical trials, even if the results are not favorable to the industry sponsor. Unequivocal standards have been set on this point by a number of bodies, including the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors , the Association of American Medical Colleges , and the American Association of University Professors . Let us not lag a decade behind our American colleagues; our own professional organizations need to address these issues and develop potential ‘made in Canada solutions’. It’s your time to experience safe and affordable treatment the way it was meant to be enjoyable. You can have that every time you order antibiotic levaquin checkout now at the best pharmacy that you are now welcome to check out.