CAG: gastroenterologist’s professional judgment (Part 6)


The CAG has also recently adopted a policy regarding interactions with the pharmaceutical industry, published in the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. But perhaps there is a need to go even further, since the need for a strong and clear position on conflicts of interest is necessary, since the ethical issues are important for both patients and professionals in the mutual relationship that is the foundation of our Canadian health care system. We should ask “Are we willing to let patients (or payers) know all about what the pharmaceutical industry does for us?” We need to be transparent about the benefits we receive individually and collectively. The pharmaceutical industry is very competitive, and there is the potential for large profits, but also for large losses.

Physicians themselves need to continue to set the ethical standards needed to protect patients with their own high professional integrity. We are involved in the very issue of social justice; we physicians who are among the most advantaged and privileged in our society benefit from the social and entertainment aspects of marketing – as well as of course the very legitimate and essential aspects of the educational component. We need to strive to obtain an optimal level of balance and fairness. You will always be glad to know there is a perfect pharmacy waiting for you whenever you need cipro antibiotic buy now and would like to make sure you are taken best care of as a customer and patient.

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