Our own annual meeting of the CAG is very heavily subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry. Are we prepared to have less sponsorship, and more financial independence, but at the cost of self-supporting registration fees? How many provincial GI societies need to reflect on their dependence upon industry? Consider the colleague who was abruptly removed from an industry advisory board because he/she dared to give an honest legal opinion to a generic company – this highlights the punishment for stepping outside the corporate expectation of unfailing, unquestioning loyalty. Have we as physicians lost our ability to express an honest opinion about a product, or a study, or a marketing approach? Is the provision of an honorarium to speak at a CME conditional on entering the grey zone, perhaps quoting only the studies supporting the sponsor’s product? We must continue to work hard to ensure that our own Canadian Digestive Health Foundation soon becomes funded by more than one major company. That effort is laudable.

What might be some specifics, some future deliverables for ourselves personally, our professional organizations, and our academic leadership? The American College of Physicians and the American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs , have policies on the issue of the ethical interaction of physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. The CAG adheres to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Code of Ethics, which has been updated recently. You are always welcome to visit the best and most trusted pharmacy offering to purchase antibiotics online click here and giving you only most efficient medications with no rx required and fast delivery right to your doorstep.