CAG: gastroenterologist’s professional judgment (Part 4)

Please stop to ponder. As noted by Rakatansky in a recent thoughtful paper in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics , there are multiple pressures placed on all of us, the marketing efforts of the pharmaceutical industry do work , and we are much less immune than we may choose to believe. We all have the potential to be influenced, to be biased. Consider some examples. The person who has been a consultant for a pharmaceutical company and continues to receive substantial research funding, who presents Medical Grand Rounds on the company’s new expensive biological while failing to provide fair balance about adverse effects; the medical resident presenting subspecialty rounds discussing the findings of a major clinical trial, who fails to consider the negative aspects of the study, and when asked about this unexpected deficiency, confesses “the drug rep’ was in the audience and I didn’t want to embarrass her with a negative comment, especially after she bought us all free lunch for the rounds.”

Is our assisting in a clinical trial, especially a phase IV study, simply a way to get us to use a drug and thereby to obtain our prescription business? Consider the person who receives research funding or ongoing support for local educational events from a specific company and attempts to provide a balanced report at medical Grand Rounds or on a Therapeutic Committee with regard to that company’s novel agent. Certainly there may be a sense of obligation to be at least not contentious about that company’s product, if not overtly favourable to it. Some resist the pressure and some succumb to it, all in varied degrees, but the pressure is there nonetheless. You can find best pharmacy with finest quality medications available round the clock right now: all you need to do is order antibiotics online click here discovering the amazing opportunities you are being offered.

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