CAG: gastroenterologist’s professional judgment (Part 3)


Recently the physicians’ time honoured position has been bombarded, so often by subconscious pressures of subliminal messages, by marketing forces placed on each and every one of us by the pharmaceutical and equipment industries. In our own specialty of gastroenterology, this is apparent in the “PPI Wars”, the high stakes marketing of high volume, high price products in which the differences between the “-prazoles” is often very small. With almost a half billion dollars of annual sales of the prazoles – equivalent to $15 for each man, woman and child in Canada each year! – the stakes are truly very high. Certainly there is similar strenuous competition in other areas such as the interferons, the coxibs and the bisphosphonates. Oh, you say, I know all about marketing methods, and I am above that; I know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff; I know how to apply evidence-based medicine, make my therapeutic choices based only on scientific data for what is best for my patient; I am immune from all this commercialization. I hope you are right.

Certainly the pharmaceutical industry in Canada has brought many benefits to our patients, with innovative effective therapies. Industry has been very generous in sponsoring clinical studies and research in Canada, in supporting our professional organizations, our fellowship programs, our Foundation, our Journal – and sometimes even our own travel to meetings. But it is in the very competitiveness of the industry, and the marketing of what are sometimes small therapeutic differences, that undue pressure may be placed on us, where there is the greatest need for moderating the need for industry to sell, and where we must be critically aware of our own need not to be influenced. We need a better process of reconciling the reasonable marketing realities of industry, and the need of our subspecialty and ourselves to maintain independence, integrity, transparency and social justice. You will always find ampicillin antibiotic buy here, shopping online with pleasure every time.

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