CAG: gastroenterologist’s professional judgment (Part 2)

As well, many gastroenterologists in institutional or private practice will be engaged in clinical research studies, often sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. This relationship may be mutually beneficial, and it is of course the research by industry that brings to market the many therapeutic choices available to us to benefit our patients. Industry has been very generous in supporting the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG), the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, to mention just a few of the many sponsorships.

This Viewpoint pleads for each of us to respect our own personal need to continue to be vigilant as professionals to remain free from undue industry influence, to maintain our professional integrity in expressing our views at CME/CPD events and on advisory boards, and to resist the temptation of relying too heavily on industrial sponsorship for our professional educational events. We must seek ways to reconcile the commercial needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and our own needs to be fair, balanced, and above all, independent.

In the worlds of medicine and business, transparency remains the centerpiece of honesty and just plain old-fashioned decency. Physicians traditionally have a special role, providing care for our fellow human beings. Our decisions for care are based on knowledge and judgment, rendering patients and their family members truly informed about available diagnostic and therapeutic options. Physicians function under the ideal that their recommendations will be informed, humane and honest. Physicians respect the subtle balance between evidence-based medicine, tempered with our own experience, and knowledge of our patients’ unique psychosocial situations, as well as their personal choices. Find best deals online – cephalexin antibiotic online buy here can be available every time you visit.

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