Bronchoscopy with Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Tuberculosis and Fungal Infections: Methods (2)In addition, the bronchoscope was advanced and wedged in the area of the infiltrate in those patients with localized lesions. In patients with difluse infiltrates or normal chest roentgenograms, the bronchoscope was wedged in the right middle lobe or lingula. In the control group, the lavage was performed in the lung opposite the lesion.
Aliquots of 60 ml of normal saline solution were instilled and immediately aspirated using a hand-held syringe. A total of 120 to 240 ml was instilled in each patient. The aspirated fluid was pooled. In those patients in whom less than 10 ml could be aspirated, the lavage was believed to be unsuccessful and no further analysis of lavage fluid was performed. buy flovent inhaler
An aliquot of the bronchial wash and BAL fluid was sent for AFB smear and culture as well as fungal culture. An additional aliquot was sent for cytologic examination of both the wash and lavage fluid using methenamine silver stain to identify fungal forms. Postbronchoscopy sputum specimens, when available, also were sent for AFB smear and culture as well as fungal culture.