All bronchoscopies of patients with a final diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis or (ungal infections who underwent bronchoscopy at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center or the Veterans Administration Hospital, Cincinnati were reviewed. Mycobacterial and fungal culture results of all specimens, regardless of source, were reviewed. Patients found to have documented M tuberculosis or fungal infections who underwent bronchoscopy were enrolled in this study. There were two groups of patients, those undergoing bronchoscopy for diagnosis of their lung disease (30 patients with M tuberculosis and 41 with fungal infections) and those with known M tuberculosis infection who underwent bronchoscopy for study purposes (20 M tuberculosis patients).

Patients with sputum positive for AFB by smear were encouraged to participate in this study and gave informed consent of a protocol approved by our Institutional Review Board. A control group of 35 smoking adults undergoing bronchoscopy for localized lung lesions also was studied by BAL. buy cheap antibiotics
Patients underwent bronchoscopy and attempted lavage in the usual manner of our institution.” During the entire time of the bronchoscopy, the suctioned specimen was collected and this was considered the bronchial wash.