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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be characterized as the weakness of erection (lack of elasticity of the penis), premature ejaculation, decreased libido, expressed in the absence of desire for sex.

How many men have erection problems and where are they all treated?

Due to the high rhythm of life, especially in metropolises, which are combined with physical inactivity at work and frequent stressful situations, we can say that erectile dysfunction has become “younger”. This problem is addressed by men of different ages (up to 80 years), but the number of patients from 18 to 30 years is increasing. Often men write their problems off for fatigue, age, sometimes they start to self-medicate, they take unreliable drugs that are advertised in the mass media. They have no idea to try Viagra from Canada effective in this disease. The result of this attitude to their health is the complete absence of sex, lack of self-confidence and a depressive state.
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American pharmaceutical company «Vivus» received positive FDA decision on application for approval of new erectile dysfunction drug «Stendra». Over the past ten years, Stendra drug was the first registered drug for this disease treatment. The new drug is a selective phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor. Its active substance – avanafil – increases blood flow and […]

Several alternatives are proposed to deal with the prospective payment issue so that costs can be contained without further dilution in the quality of patient care. Payment should be based on a “severity of illness index” that will gauge the complexity and burden of illness as well as diagnosis. Also recommended is the development of […]

Like the procrustean bed, prospective payment ati tempts to create averages where they do not exist. The intent of prospective payment legislation has been to reduce the alarming rate of increase in health expenditures. An unfortunate consequence, however, may be a deterioration in tertiary care, academic medicine, graduate medical education, and intensive care medicine provided […]

There are different types of birth control pills available in the market. So if you are one among the 12 million U.S. women who consider taking a birth control pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy, then this is an article that you should be reading right now. Types of Canadian Health&Care Mall Birth Control Pills Birth […]

Erectile dysfunction puts majority of men in the state of oblivion. For decades, the erectile dysfunction has been haunting men of their masculine status. In US aone, more than 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction and the numbers are on the rise, so is the concern. The Canadian Health&Care Mall comes up with a […]

High-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) is the leading cause of death from altitude illness. Chest ultrasonography using the comet-tail technique has recently been shown to effectively detect pulmonary edema and quantify extravascular lung water (EVLW) in hospitalized patients. This technique relies on the creation of “comet-tail” artifacts by multiple microreflections of the ultrasound beam within water-thickened […]

Although the method was designed to measure the rate of tracer protein equilibration between plasma and lung interstitium, it does contain information about interstitial lung water content. In one configuration, the method measures local changes using a portable, focused, scintillation detector. In another configuration, a portable gamma camera is used to obtain a picture of […]

Single View In the first 27 patients studied, a total of 95 arteries (41 left anterior descending, 41 circumflex, and 13 right) were visualized in the identical spatial orientation using both conventional cineangiography and digital angiography. In total, 66 lesions were identified in 46 arteries by cineangiography; 49 arteries were free of lesions. The digitally […]

We have shown that resistive breathing training did not improve the ability to breathe through higher resistances. Furthermore, we found no improvement in ventilatory muscular endurance as measured by the maximal sustained ventilatory capacity and no change in maximal respiratory pressures; however, we did find that an altered pattern of breathing with a longer Ti […]